Chuck Elledge

The greatest gift one human being can give another is that of an open heart...a place to be heard. My life timeline is now divided into two phases: B.A. and W.A.—“Before Angela,” and “With Angela.” That might sound like hyperbole, but is it not. W.A. has been a time of redefining my life, by helping me explore powerful truths.

1) That it is OK to feel the way I feel, with opposing desires that may conflict with one another. That melted away about 50 pounds of baggage from my soul.

2) That it is OK—necessary—for me and for all of us to have boundaries, and that they are actually a source of love, and of freedom.  Other people have said “you have boundary issues,” but Angela gave me tools and hope.

3) That we are not called to settle for some vague definition of what it means to live and love, but rather that we have the right (and responsibility) to explore our deepest passions and dreams—not just for ourselves, but for everyone we love, especially our kids.

Through it all, Angela has shown me that my best teacher is me...that I have inside of me everything I need, and that even the smallest steps can mean major, marvelous, juicy breakthroughs. How does she do it? By being perfect...No...rather by being real, by being FULLY human, and by allowing me to be FULLY human too, with unconditional love, compassion, and understanding. How often can we say that about another agenda but to be present and real? What a gift! Angela is that gift to all who have the privilege to work with her.

~ alice in wonderland

"you're entirely bonkers. but I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are."