what if you could love yourself better, instead of trying to shame yourself into submission?

coaching, healing and support rooted in empathy, honor, validation and ass-kicking

kindness, as i walk beside you into a new iteration of yourself.


a shift in energy

reiki healing

$85/60 mins

what's underneath, what's holding you back ~ balancing you and releasing anything tying you down.


from inside the depths

women's full moon gathering


$20 {approx 2.5 hrs}

a safe space to connect and share, be held and lifted up by

other women in vulnerability, depth and compassion.

tea and coffee, chocolate and hugs provided.

{more info here}

"why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

~ alice in wonderland

Open Book

a journal just for you

coming soon

with pen in hand, a place for you to softly step towards your truth.

download me here

one on one curiosity

me and you

$100/60 mins

a guide, a coach, an ear and a shoulder ~ we can do this together.

coffee and chat. walk and talk. or zoom from your couch :)

simple and safe. a place for you to be you.

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