from lost to found

from confusion + chaos to curiosity + knowing.

from self-abandonment + shame to self-trust + deep confidence.

for life after vision boards and manifestation, after yoga and mantras,

after new age bypassing and 'positive vibes only'. we are here.

you've done it all. read every book, gone to every class. tried all of the mantras and positive thinking. law of attraction + "the secret" to the max. smudging and restrictive eating. faithfully following the new rules, throwing away your scale, bypassing {fearfully} all of the thoughts + feelings that might manifest a reality other than the one your heart wants to create.

and still. there's a hole. there's an ache. anxiety spins + overwhelm takes over. something's missing. the saying goes that gratitude makes what you have enough...maybe you're simply ungrateful. maybe you are selfish. maybe you should just be happy with what you have.

enough. enough now,

you haven't done anything wrong. you haven't failed. you were only given a fraction of the map, and told that if you couldn't figure the rest out somehow you were to blame. since everyone else seemed to figure it out, maybe you really were broken.


I believe that we can grow + heal, we can have our own damn backs. we can find self confidence and self trust, we can love on our egos and make friends with our shadows. we can move forward in the directions of our truest and most beautiful life. we can feel alive, peaceful and free. we can come home to ourselves.



we need more than just the positive. otherwise we're standing there, gazing at the sunshine, standing in a pile of dog shit wondering why things still stink.


we need support - body, mind, soul & connection.

our shadows can't live in the light, shame evaporates when shared in safety. our neuropathways can regenerate and we can become new. we can learn about what makes us who we are and what we need, and support can help us stand tall in it. when we give our brains and bodies the building blocks of nutrients and water, they can work with us instead of against us. when we are validated, witnessed and honored, our nervous system can calm and then we can move forward without anxiety spirals and crippling overwhelm. we can live inside of freedom, peace + confidence.

after 20 years of working with women, this is the culmination of everything I love and know to be true. nutrition and consumption (screens) matter, energy work matters. our environment matters. our needs and self talk matters. our shame and egos matter. our inner kiddo and her validation matters. our shadow work matters. our values, needs and boundaries matter.

this is where we begin.

"Angela is one of the most real people I have ever met. She allows herself to be vulnerable and inspires me to be real and just be myself." ~ Jaclyn Robertson

gathering, from inside the depths

a safe space to connect and share

be held and lifted up

by other women

vulnerability, depth and compassion

virtual hugs provided

before parties and alcohol, careers and kids, my girlfriends and I would hang out in our rooms. sitting and chatting, talking about boys and life. it was a safe place to just be. be silly, be serious, be loud, be messy. except back then we didn't talk about things like our anxiety or fears - no one talked about that. and now life has so many other layers. we have lived so much more life since we were teenagers. and inside of our messy and busy lives the opportunities to truly connect in a real way, without it being based on parties or alcohol or escaping the real world, became few and far between.

our gathering

for three months, on the full and new moons, we will gather to hold space for each other. to connect, to share, to hold each other and to lift each other up. meeting on zoom, pouring ourselves cups of tea or coffee, or blended elixirs. nibbling on delicious snacks. getting cozy on pillows, on chairs, wrapped up in blankets on the floor. to speak about our days, to be heard inside of our vulnerability. chats about inner child work, shadow and ego. about validation, neuroplasticity, and nutrition. about needs, boundaries, values and communication. about hearing that inner knowing. following it through, toward a life where anxiety + overwhelm no longer control us.

space for 12 women in this cycle, who want to work together to create a new reality for themselves. who want to be seen and heard, held and met. looking forward to being in this with you.

xo, angela

"She listens. Really, deeply, listens and I know that I am free to speak my truth to her. Every. Single. Time." ~ Leila Geramian

kate rhodes photography

i see you there

i see you there,
where the world feels like too much,
hiding under the covers,
hoping for a moment of peace.

i see you there,
working as hard as you can,
pushing and striving and reaching,
to prove to them you are worthy.

i see you there,
taking care of everyone else,
wondering if it might be your turn next,
patiently waiting to be seen.

i see you there,
walking down the street,
a sad smile on your face,
masking the pain that's underneath.

i see you there,
wondering where you fit in,
if you fit in,
where you could finally belong.

i see you there,
in the darkness of night,
heart racing, mind spinning,
praying you'll make it till sunrise.

i see you there,
trying and trying again,
maybe this time it will work,
maybe this time you'll have found the answer.

i see you there,
looking for love and friendship,
opening your heart again,
only to have the door slammed shut.

i see you there,
holding onto your little ones,
wanting to protect them from the world,
while fending off constant judgement.

i see you there,
angry, frustrated, sad, resentful,
and so very very fearful,
lost and wanting to be held.

i see you there,
shrinking to be out of sight,
or loud and larger than life,
both desperate to keep your tender truth hidden.

i see you there,
with your truth buried,
your pain and sorrow masked,
your need for love and safety shoved down.

i see you there,
looking for a hand to hold,
who'll take it and help you stand,
to see you for you. truly.

i see you there,
shining from deep inside,
your grace, strength and love,
it shines through each part of you.

i see you there,
more courageous than you know,
more beautiful than you dreamed,
more worthy than you imagined.

i see you there,
peaking out from the 'strong' mask you hide behind,
from underneath the protective covers,
to feel the gentle sun on your face.

i see you there,
glittering in the sunlight,
its warmth melting your fears,
your true smile shining from within.

i see you there,
the one that peaks out into the light,
the one hiding deep inside,
the one the world can't wait to meet.

and she is you.

"No matter what, Angela always has a warm smile and tender touch for you when she sees you. She openly shares her feelings, thoughts and experiences to create a comfortable open dialogue that encourages you to share your own experiences without fear, shame or ridicule. Angela makes people feel safe and comfortable. She makes people feel as if they are not alone in their struggles or achievements and will be there for you through both." ~ Dana Kasha

kate rhodes photography

from the darkest tangled parts of your

forest, I'll be beside you to guide you through.

included in our gathering will be 7 group calls + 1 one-on-one session with me to navigate these new shifts and implement these new tools into your life. our facebook group, to share in between calls. voxer access to me for little bumps in the road as we walk forward on this new path. a gift of a journal {and small goodies} for your work.

our map through the forest:

  1. let's walk in together. your first one-on-one call with me. heading in to a new place, without someone next to you, can be terrifying. that feeling of where do I stand, who do I talk to, what are the unspoken rules here. you're not alone, I'll walk in beside you. you'll know at least one person in the room. I will be your touch point in the space. let's chat intentions, nutrition + self care, and whatever might be weighing on your mind as we step through the door.

  2. we begin. our shadow self + our wise self. our ego + our inner child. all of the pieces that make up our human reality. let's take a peek.

  3. solace + sanctuary. validation is a basic human need. and your needs matter. experiential validation + safety = calm + supported nervous system.

  4. is that true? our judgements can be our way into our healing. neuroplasticity + owning our stories. curiouser and curiouser.

  5. what is it that you see? all the parts of you are welcome here. even the ones that you hide. remember, we're all mad here.

  6. everything belongs. values + needs. boundaries + communication. finding our safety in the world, reclaiming ourselves, speaking it aloud.

  7. making space.  slowing down, letting go, leaning in. allowing + receiving. clearing the way for the new.

  8. release + complete. witness, honor and acknowledge how far you've come. notice where you were then, and where you are now. 

please note:

if mental illness is something that you carry with you, I see you. anxiety, depression and ptsd are parts of my humanness, mental illness is the truth of my being. inside of this circle, I want the most safe and secure space for you as possible. if intense dissociation is a battle for you, if there is a deep struggle in the darkness {without a therapist included}, let's chat before you register. as a coach, my responsibility is to you and your health. all of you. together, let's make sure this is a fit for you.

"Angela took care of me in a way I had secretly been dreaming of and didn't even realize I needed until I had experienced it. She has a gift with words, and can hold space like no one else I have ever met, I am so grateful to have found her!" ~ Rebecca Lowen

14 weeks. 7 group calls. 1 one-on-one session. our facebook group.
voxer support + a journal from me for your work. 

$444 USD
{new dates coming soon}

"Angela is inspiring and thought-provoking. She has such a big heart that you are automatically inspired by the love she shares. and every conversation with her leaves you thinking about new ways to see things in the world." ~ Chelsea Segovia

"where should I go?...that depends on where you want to end up." 

~ alice in wonderland