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glow inside out

energetic healing facials

a facial performed the way holistic skin care should be done. treating not only the epidermis, but the entire body to heal from the inside out. this unique treatment features four main components:


*eminence organic skin care, known for it's brilliant skin remodeling. working from the outside in, supporting the deeper dermal layers in healing themselves and creating lasting changes.


*facial reflexology developed by Dien Chan. it stimulates microcirculation and natural collagen production, softens fine lines, balances redness and acne, all while relieving stress and tension in the body.


*deeper tissue facial massage techniques including pressure point release, then finished with light lymphatic drainage. the neck and shoulders are brought into the massage, as well as a hand and arm massage while the skin is exfoliated and last, a grounding foot massage to gently end the treatment.


*balancing all areas of the body, reiki is a soothing energy work added to further eliminate stress and trapped energy in the body. allowing both you, and your skin, to heal by releasing anything hold you back.


these treatments will leave you feeling lighter and calmer, relaxed and rejuvenated with healthy glowing skin. healing you from the inside out.