here i am

behind the guide

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ok...begin rant.

i'm feeling intensely protective over my gorgeous friend here. i see the beautiful soul inside of you and i'm going to kick that shame right in the ass. YOU are brilliant. YOU show up in this world every single damn day. WE are so damn blessed to have you. without every single human here showing up in their own special way, our world would not be complete.

this is my message to you. please don't let someone else's pain take away from yours!! your feelings are just as valid as anyone else's!! i spent YEARS believing that my trauma and pain wasn't as bad as other's, so i didn't deserve to feel it or heal it. you know what that did? it took away from my light, from my life and from everyone around me. that's what happened. and you know what else? IT DIDN'T MAKE THEM BETTER TO DENY MY PAIN!! all it did was keep me hurting, highly anxious and deeply depressed, and unable to support any one else.

you are this amazing human who has lived a life with trauma and pain, no different than each and every one of us here. simply because you are in a different phase of life or show up differently in the world does not for one second invalidate what you are feeling.

i have lived inside of pain and despair, we are human and it is part of our journey. we all deserve to be loved and held and validated. that's what i'm here for. inside of our sessions we will uncover both your light and your shadow. i will sit with you inside the fire and pain. hold your hand and kick shame's ass with you. our wounds don't disappear, they are the truths of our human life. but with love and support, they can heal and become faint scars instead of being ripped open with each new experience. i am here beside you, supporting you one step at a time as we follow your truth down the rabbit hole.

my why? scribbled in notebook after notebook over the last half decade.

so no one feels alone in their struggles, to support and love others. to offer safety, to witness, to honor. to shift someone's world and see them grow.  watch them rewrite their story and come home to themselves.

~ alice in wonderland

"who in the world am I? ah, that's a great puzzle."