i see you there

i see you there,
where the world feels like too much,
hiding under the covers,
hoping for a moment of peace.

i see you there,
working as hard as you can,
pushing and striving and reaching,
to prove to them you are worthy.

i see you there,
taking care of everyone else,
wondering if it might be your turn next,
patiently waiting to be seen.

i see you there,
walking down the street,
a sad smile on your face,
masking the pain that's underneath.

i see you there,
wondering where you fit in,
if you fit in,
where you could finally belong.

i see you there,
in the darkness of night,
heart racing, mind spinning,
praying you'll make it till sunrise.

i see you there,
trying and trying again,
maybe this time it will work,
maybe this time you'll have found the answer.

i see you there,
looking for love and friendship,
opening your heart again,
only to have the door slammed shut.

i see you there,
holding onto your little ones,
wanting to protect them from the world,
while fending off constant judgement.

i see you there,
angry, frustrated, sad, resentful,
and so very very fearful,
lost and wanting to be held.

i see you there,
shrinking to be out of sight,
or loud and larger than life,
both desperate to keep your tender truth hidden.

i see you there,
with your truth buried,
your pain and sorrow masked,
your need for love and safety shoved down.

i see you there,
looking for a hand to hold,
who'll take it and help you stand,
to see you for you. truly.

i see you there,
shining from deep inside,
your grace, strength and love,
it shines through each part of you.

i see you there,
more courageous than you know,
more beautiful than you dreamed,
more worthy than you imagined.

i see you there,
peaking out from the 'strong' mask you hide behind,
from underneath the protective covers,
to feel the gentle sun on your face.

i see you there,
glittering in the sunlight,
its warmth melting your fears,
your true smile shining from within.

i see you there,
the one that peaks out into the light,
the one hiding deep inside,
the one the world can't wait to meet.

and she is you.

~ alice in wonderland

"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."