Jasper Grey

Words don’t even come close to how Angela changed my life. She is fucking golden! The way she is able to understand me really makes me feel seen and heard. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Her knowledge and the way she holds the conversation, even if she isn’t even talking but listening can change your damn life. She has changed my perspective on life and myself.  I’ve always made myself small to be unknown. I didn’t know what it was like to be visible and have someone who heard and understood me. I always thought it was me. I thought people just couldn’t understand me, but now I know it isn’t me. I felt like a nobody, but Angela makes me feel like a normal human being. She allowed me to feel however I wanted even when I wanted to control it, she made it acceptable without judgement.  I can not express how much she has impacted me and changed my life, I’ll probably keep fucking saying that. She helped me grow as a person to where my mind is still blowing up. Something so simple of just TALKING and actually LISTENING can really alter your entire being. I don’t even know what in the actual fuck happens sometimes but I feel like a brand new person. Is this what coming out on the other side really feels like??

Not only did she help me but she helped my relationship which I didn’t even know was possible or what I needed. She has not once ever made me uncomfortable. Her presence makes you feel secure and that you can trust her with your life right from the start. IT’S FUCKING CRAZY. I’m still struggling in therapy with attachment and trust issues. I’m able to be more open and honest with her than my own therapist.  I can’t even describe it but something really beautiful comes out each session. I can not appreciate and thank Angela enough. I really wouldn’t have gotten this far in such a short amount of time if it wasn’t for the magic she does. What an amazing and beautiful human being she really is. They don’t make them like her anymore. My mind is still exploding.

~ alice in wonderland

"you're entirely bonkers. but I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are."