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"...She has shed light not only on my relationship with my husband, but she’s been able to communicate things to me I needed to hear all the while validating my own feelings."


"...She has provided a non-judgemental, compassionate, and truly empathetic door through which I could walk through."


"...{she} had this beautiful mix of empathy and hard truth that I am always looking for and have rarely found.


"...She encourages you to lead with confidence and find strength to use your voice and express your needs without guilt!"


"...instead of just surviving to the next thing, I can breathe a little more and live a little more."


"I absolutely love how she is able to listen, to be on my side without attacking my partner or minimizing my hurt..."


"...She allowed me to feel however I wanted even when I wanted to control it, she made it acceptable without judgement."


"I felt truly seen during our conversations and well supported with new tools and strategies to use in deepening not only my relationship with my daughter, but also my confidence in myself..."


"...It's very hard for me to be vulnerable and feel safe with someone, but Angela offers such kind, thoughtful and caring support that it makes opening up feel like an effortless process."


"...She has given me practical tools to use when my anxiety is heightened, and she genuinely wants to find what feels and works best for ME in the moment."


"...Angela has a gift with words, and can hold space like no one else I have ever met, I am so grateful to have found her!"


"Angela has shown me that my best teacher is me...that I have inside of me everything I need, and that even the smallest steps can mean major, marvelous, juicy breakthroughs..."


"...she makes people feel as if they are not alone in their struggles or achievements and will be there for you through both."


"...It’s very rare that I connect with someone outside of my little village, but I’m so grateful for the connection I had with her."

~ alice in wonderland

“but I don’t want to go among mad people...oh, you can’t help that, we’re all mad here."