Michelle Kellerman

I found out about Angela through a friend. She told me, "Angela has healing magic and you will walk out feeling like a brand new woman" Well, let me tell you that is no word of a lie. After ignoring my self care and pouring myself into caring for my young children for longer than I would like to admit, I finally booked the facial I'd been thinking about for months. From the moment you meet Angela you will feel comfortable. She is so kind, so patient and so understanding about how important this little sliver of time for YOU really is. She takes care of you in such a way that you truly feel relaxed and seen. It's an incredible hour dedicated to you and what you need. She listens to you, all of you, not just the words you say. She lets you feel and share and cry and talk in a way that makes a difference. It's safe, it's comfortable. There's no judgement, no shame, no expectations. I absolutely love how she is able to listen, to be on my side without attacking my partner or minimizing my hurt.

I am so happy I found Angela and finally let someone take care of me too.

~ alice in wonderland

"you're entirely bonkers. but I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are."