what if you could love yourself entirely and feel confident in your relationships, instead of trying to blame and shame yourself into submission?

coaching, guidance and support rooted in empathy, honor, validation and ass-kicking

kindness, as i walk beside you into a new iteration of yourself.

welcome to uncomplicating relationships.

relationship 911

relationships. one of the biggest indicators of fulfillment, joy + love in our lives! except no one taught us how to do them...so they become one of our biggest sources of pain, frustration + confusion.

meet your relationship 911 coach. I'm Angela, and I'm here to take you from confusion, overwhelm and anxiety to ease, clarity, confidence, and self trust inside all of your most valued relationships.

let's talk parenting and dating, familial connections and marriage. I know how much your relationships mean to you, I know how hard you've tried, I know you want to show up fully, confidently and solidly. you want better communication, deeper connection, mutual respect, too.

boundaries can be terrifying, where do you even start! you know something doesn't feel right, but you don't have a clue what it is or how to trust your own damn feelings. you're terrified you're doing it all wrong, and that you're going to mess it all up. you know you're not showing up how you'd like, but there are SO MANY messages out there, you can't hear yourself think. so often you do want to say something to that someone in your life, but your mind swims, your throat closes, you overthink and end up saying nothing. or saying all the things you wish you could take back.

and you're tired of saying nothing. and everything.

boundaries and codependency, communication and neuroplasticity, validation and deep inquiry. I'm here. I've got you. when it gets messy, I'm your 911 call. your training wheels, reminding you that you can do this until you can ride on your own two-wheels.

you've got this. and I've got you.

booking options:

single session - $115USD

5 pack of sessions - $550USD

{the above includes 1 follow up email between sessions}

3 month 911 package - $3000USD

{package includes 12 - 60 mins calls and unlimited voxer support between sessions}

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