from lost to found

the retreat

you're so damn tired of taking care of everyone else, you're ready for someone else to take care of you!

the winter months are the hardest. the darkness, the cold, the missing out on connections.

...especially when we've been lacking in connections for a while now.

there's been some big transitions in your life, you look in the mirror and wonder exactly who the woman looking back at you is. your sensuality, your confidence, your inner trust, it feels shaken at best.

you want the opportunity to just be. to just be with other women around you, lifting you up.

to sleep in, to have breakfast made for you, to laugh and cry, to remember who you are.

to release, to remember, to begin to dream again.

"Angela is one of the most real people I have ever met. She allows herself to be vulnerable and inspires me to be real and just be myself." ~ Jaclyn Robertson

gathering, from inside the depths

a safe space to connect and share

be held and lifted up

by other women

vulnerability, depth and compassion

hugs provided

before parties and alcohol, careers and kids, my girlfriends and I would hang out in our rooms. sitting and chatting, talking about boys and life. it was a safe place to just be. be silly, be serious, be loud, be messy. except back then we didn't talk about things like our anxiety or fears - no one talked about that. and now life has so many other layers. we have lived so much more life since we were teenagers. and inside of our messy and busy lives the opportunities to truly connect in a real way, without it being based on parties or alcohol or escaping the real world, became few and far between.


our retreat

for three days, in the deep quiet of winter, on the weekend of Blue Monday and the Full Wolf Moon, we will gather to hold space for each other. to connect, to share, to hold each other and to lift each other up. meeting at a retreat space in YYC, pouring ourselves cups of tea or coffee, or blended elixirs. nibbling on delicious snacks. getting cozy on pillows, on chairs, wrapped up in blankets on the floor. to speak about our fear and dreams, to be heard inside of our vulnerability. chats about shadow and ego. about validation and sensuality. about needs, boundaries, anger + grief. about hearing that inner knowing and following it through, toward a life where anxiety + overwhelm no longer control us. where moments of peace find their way inside our hearts.

room for 5 women in this space, who want to be seen and heard, held and met. to come back to themselves.

i am looking forward to being in this with you.

xo, angela

"She listens. Really, deeply, listens and I know that I am free to speak my truth to her. Every. Single. Time." ~ Leila Geramian

Angie -35.jpg

i see you there

i see you there,
where the world feels like too much,
hiding under the covers,
hoping for a moment of peace.

i see you there,
working as hard as you can,
pushing and striving and reaching,
to prove to them you are worthy.

i see you there,
taking care of everyone else,
wondering if it might be your turn next,
patiently waiting to be seen.

i see you there,
walking down the street,
a sad smile on your face,
masking the pain that's underneath.

i see you there,
wondering where you fit in,
if you fit in,
where you could finally belong.

i see you there,
in the darkness of night,
heart racing, mind spinning,
praying you'll make it till sunrise.

i see you there,
trying and trying again,
maybe this time it will work,
maybe this time you'll have found the answer.

i see you there,
looking for love and friendship,
opening your heart again,
only to have the door slammed shut.

i see you there,
holding onto your little ones,
wanting to protect them from the world,
while fending off constant judgement.

i see you there,
angry, frustrated, sad, resentful,
and so very very fearful,
lost and wanting to be held.

i see you there,
shrinking to be out of sight,
or loud and larger than life,
both desperate to keep your tender truth hidden.

i see you there,
with your truth buried,
your pain and sorrow masked,
your need for love and safety shoved down.

i see you there,
looking for a hand to hold,
who'll take it and help you stand,
to see you for you. truly.

i see you there,
shining from deep inside,
your grace, strength and love,
it shines through each part of you.

i see you there,
more courageous than you know,
more beautiful than you dreamed,
more worthy than you imagined.

i see you there,
peaking out from the 'strong' mask you hide behind,
from underneath the protective covers,
to feel the gentle sun on your face.

i see you there,
glittering in the sunlight,
its warmth melting your fears,
your true smile shining from within.

i see you there,
the one that peaks out into the light,
the one hiding deep inside,
the one the world can't wait to meet.

and she is you.

"No matter what, Angela always has a warm smile and tender touch for you when she sees you. She openly shares her feelings, thoughts and experiences to create a comfortable open dialogue that encourages you to share your own experiences without fear, shame or ridicule. Angela makes people feel safe and comfortable. She makes people feel as if they are not alone in their struggles or achievements and will be there for you through both." ~ Dana Kasha


from frustration + overwhelm, to confidence + calm.
I'll be beside you to guide you through.

included in our retreat will be all your nutrient dense, delicious food + luxurious accommodations for the entire weekend. to navigate these new shifts and uncover what's holding you back, a one-on-one coaching session with me. for clarity and insight, a tarot reading with the wonderfully gifted Michelle Kellerman. to come back to your sensuality, to feel into your femininity, to remember how beautiful you are, be seen through the lens of the deeply talented Brady Boehmer during an on location boudoir shoot! for laughs, to get back into our bodies, to stretch and relax, a group yin yoga session right on site with the brilliant Crystal May. an instagram group chat to coordinate and connect both before and after our retreat. a gift of a journal {and small goodies} for your work, plus treats from Needle + Pine The Potion Masters!! Both female owned businesses {local to Calgary} that i adore.

our map through the weekend:

  • Friday, 6pm. let's walk in together.  heading in to a new place, without someone next to you, can be terrifying. that feeling of where do I stand, who do I talk to, what are the unspoken rules here. you're not alone, I'll walk in beside you. you'll know at least one person in the room. I will meet you at the door and be your touch point in the space.

  • Friday evening. we begin. let's take a peek at where we are, right now. what our intentions for the weekend are. what masks we hide behind. and what we want to release. with cacao elixirs, marshmallows and cookies, over a fire will will burn + release what we no longer want to carry forward with us.

  • Saturday morning. coffee + solace. breakfast is served, local coffee is brewed, a slow and relaxed meal to start our day. followed by a circle where we'll chat anger + grief, compassion + grace, needs + validation. validation is a basic human need. and your needs matter. experiential validation + safety = calm + supported nervous system.

  • Saturday afternoon. discover you. lunch of a hearty soup, fresh veggies and tea move us into our one-on-one sessions. journal prompts and mala making goodies will be available while you're not in a session, as well as an outdoor space to walk or read or simply relax. this is your space, this is your time to just be.

  • Saturday evening. yin + relax. after a nourishing meal together, we'll relax on the couch, connect about our experiences so far, and enjoy a private yin yoga session before bed. sip some tea, flip through tarot + archetype cards, and chat away.

  • Sunday morning. pancakes + shadows. pancake breakfasts are the most fun, whipped cream and syrup and laughter. coffee on the side. we will circle again to chat about our shadows, our judgements can be our way into our healing. our shadows make us whole. the light side and the dark. curiouser and curiouser. all of you is welcome.

  • Sunday afternoon. discover you. following our lunch we move into our remaining one-on-one sessions. your journal prompts and mala making goodies will still be available while you're not in a session, this is your time to relax in the space for your remaining you timeslowing down, letting go, clearing the way for the new.

  • Sunday, 5pm. release + complete. for our last hour together. we witness, we honor and we acknowledge how far you've come. we notice where you were then, where you are now, and where you're headed next. 

please note:

if mental illness is something that you carry with you, I see you. anxiety, depression and ptsd are parts of my humanness, mental illness is the truth of my being. inside of this retreat, I want the most safe and secure space for you as possible. if intense dissociation is a battle for you, if there is a deep struggle in the darkness {without a therapist included}, let's chat before you register. as a coach, my responsibility is to you and your health. all of you. together, let's make sure this is a fit for you.

"Angela took care of me in a way I had secretly been dreaming of and didn't even realize I needed until I had experienced it. She has a gift with words, and can hold space like no one else I have ever met, I am so grateful to have found her!" ~ Rebecca Lowen

1 weekend + 5 women.
all your food + accommodations.

60 mins coaching session.
45 mins boudoir session.
30 mins
 tarot reading.
private yin yoga class.
your gemstone mala.

a journal for your work.
local, handmade goodies.
an entire weekend, all for you...

$1111 CAD 
{make a wish}


5 individual bedrooms, 2 shared full bathrooms.
payment plans available
new dates coming soon

*the retreat is substance free. no alcohol, tobacco or cannabis will be allowed on the premises.*

"Angela is inspiring and thought-provoking. She has such a big heart that you are automatically inspired by the love she shares. and every conversation with her leaves you thinking about new ways to see things in the world." ~ Chelsea Segovia

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"where should I go?...that depends on where you want to end up." 

~ alice in wonderland